Lisa 7-10


Lisa 7-10

Front ventilation pellet stove with high powered ventlation fan of 255 m³ / h, high performance stainless steel shell and tube heat exchanger, self-cleaning brazier and combustion control system.
Ceramic glass resistant up to 800 ° with a wide view of the flame, colored steel coating. Compatible with Wi-Fi kit for remote control. Single rear ducting up to 8m available for Lisa C model.

Available in 7KW or 10KW outputs

Additional features

Front ventilation

7 power levels

Practical ash drawer

High performance stainless steel heat exchangers

Combustion chamber in high yield vermiculite

5mm ceramic glass

Single channel up to 8 meters (only for Lisa 10 C model)

100% Made in Italy product


Automatic combustion control (NCS)

Self-cleaning brazier

Elemento (software )

Glass-cleaning system