Magic 3 Pellet Mill


The Ceccato Olindo MAGIC electric pellet mill is a latest generation machine that allows the production of pellets for stoves and boilers. Easy to use, it is suitable for families who want to produce pellets at home using vegetable waste deriving from the pruning of hedges, olive trees, vineyards and all varieties of trees in general, minimizing home heating costs. It is present in the 3 HP, 5.5 HP and 7.5 HP versions. It is equipped with wheels for movement made with a particular rubber mixture that allows the stones not to get stuck. The hourly production varies between 30 kg and 70 kg depending on the model. The machine weighs between 135 and 150 kg. It is an entirely Italian product that complies with the CE regulations on safety at work.

Requires wood chips between 2-3mm long, fed through a 8mm grading sieve and with approx 10-14% moisture content.

See our suitable garden shredder that can produce to correct size chips for home pellet making.