Optima Plus 9KW & 11KW


Optima PLUS 9/11

New generation Optima 9 and 11 Plus air pellet stoves. These flagship models stand out for their high temperature output at the front vent ,above 150ºC for the 9 and 170ºC for the 11.  These higher temperatures in turn achieves 20% less consumption of pellet at the same power and 20% less electricity requirement.

Possibility of burning olive stone besides pellet (in OLIVA version). Pure silent operation due to the new technology 24V pellet gearmotor.

– MAXIMUM SILENCE: Gearmotor 24V
– CLEAN GLASS: Air curtain
– Front of the combustion chamber in vermiculite
– Stainless steel brazier
– Daily, weekly and weekend programming
– Smoke outlet: rear (25cm tube + T90)
– Automatic modulation
– Overheating protection
– Temperature sensor
– Smoke temperature control
– *OLIVA: Multifuel (Pellet and olive stone on Optima 9)
– Remote control