Tritone One Wood Shredder

Ideal to turn your garden waste into wood pellets in conjunction with our Magic 3 Pellet Mill
The TRITONE ONE HONDA GX200 is a shredder with petrol engine designed for domestic and semi-professional use capable of obtaining the best results in terms of cutting, speed and reliability. It is equipped with a large loading hopper to facilitate the insertion of branched vegetable waste with a maximum diameter of 6 cm in diameter. Optional refining sieves can also be inserted to reduce the size of the wood chips. It is an entirely Italian product and mounts a 6.5 HP Honda GX200 engine, a cutting mass with 2 main blades, 2 counter blades and 8 chopping knives inside. The transmission between the engine and the cutting mass is belted, thus decreasing the stress on the engine during work. It is equipped with 2 high quality pneumatic wheels. The machine weighs about 100 kg. The triton ONE HONDA GX200 of Ceccato Olindo complies with the CE regulations on safety at work.
Supplied with 8mm sieve to correctly grade wood chips for pellet production.