Hybrid wood-pellet stove with single combustion chamber.

Superior ventilation, natural convection and automatic cleaning of the brazier. Accessories such as the log cabinet and decorative items are optional.

  • Natural convection

  • Safety electromagnetic release in case of blackout.

  • Top outlet diam 130 mm

  • Rear right ducting up to 8 m with dedicated kit (optional).

  • Top ventilation with fully excludable tangential motor.

  • Can be controlled remotely with the standard Wi-Fi kit integrated into the stove.

  • Brushless geared motor as standard, maximum silence.

  • Automatic lighting of the wood through the use of pellets

  • Self-cleaning brazier when using pellets.

  • Pellet only function

  • Automatic pellet combustion control system.

  • Wood only function

  • Stove control via palmtop with room thermostat function.

  • Hybrid function

  • Automatic fuel recognition.

  • Use with wood even without electricity