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Following years of success in the Biomass heating industry, In 2021 Solpellet was proud to launch its own Solpellet branded product range. These products offer the purchase prices of the big high street stores, but with our unrivalled after-sales and support structure.

Solpellet stoves are manufactured by a selection of Italy’s largest stove manufacturers, ensuring quality design and build. Solpellet staff have travelled extensively to these Italian factories to receive in-depth product training. It is this investment in our business that allows us to offer the support we pride ourselves on.

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Nobis a new breed of pellet stove.

Your stove, our passion.

Innovation is derived from experience and pursuit of perfection.

featuring Silent operation, automatic self cleaning, brushless motor technology, hidden pellet delivery, high quality materials. 100% made in Italy.

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Electric & Infrared heating

Following the growing trend of built in media walls with decorative electric fires, Solpellet are proud to add a range of these stunning feature fireplaces for the 2023/24 season.


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Tepor one of the brands of AMG Spa

Our effort is to be focused on improving and adjusting our products following the Ecodesign 2020-2022 standards, in fact, a great part of our models already follows that efficiency and emissions standards required by the Ecodesign, which means: consume less, saving more and be eco-friendly.


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Eva Calòr produces a complete range of heat generation systems on its own premises. Line production, using numerically-controlled machinery, is overseen by highly experienced staff. This guarantees excellent and certified quality, resulting in stoves which are extremely reliable and noiseless.

Eva Calòr produces an extensive range of stoves with features and finishes to suit the tastes and requirements of clients. Eva Calòr offers clients quality, flexibility and competitiveness: three increasingly important criteria in a constantly changing market.

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Founded in 1985 in Lucena the current Bronpi Calefacción S.L. has its origin as a family business dedicated to the manufacture of accessories for the fireplace.
Bronpi products are certified with some of the higher quality standards demanded by the European market whilst focusing on the environment with a  strong Corporate social responsibility.

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Fontana Pizza and outdoor ovens

Why choose a FONTANA oven? FONTANA is the No. 1 producer in the world for its excellence in the sector. It exports to the US as the main market. The FONTANA technology is unique due to its domed shape and enveloping indirect heating: The flame does not heat only from below, the fire and smoke rise laterally achieving a very homogeneous temperature. Besides a double ventilation system sucks and drives the vapors with odors and fats, allowing the cooking of dishes different without mixing flavors or aromas.

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Clementi Pizza and outdoor ovens.

The CLEMENTI Company was officially born in 1975, thanks to the passion of the founder Clementino

Clementi, specialized in the production of indirect wood-fired ovens, has then
expanded its business to barbecues, direct wood-fired ovens and professional wood-fired ovens.