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  • The “set” temperature on the stove is the temperature that the stove will “modulate” at, that means reduce its operating power to the minimum. Once this “modulation” or “eco” has been achieved, even though the stove runs at minimum power, will continue to output heat and the ambient temperature will obviously rise.

    It is important to remember that the room temperature “sensor” is usually at the rear of the stove and therefore will never be 100% accurate to the actual room temperature.

  • Simply, you can switch the stove off and allow the room to cool down.

    You could open doors to adjacent rooms to allow the heat to filter through the house.

    Most, if not all pellet stoves are equipped with a “stand by” mode, which will automatically turn the stove off, when the set room temperature plus a delta of usually 2 or 3 degrees has been maintained. Once the room temperature then falls below the set point (minus the delta), the stove will restart.

    Consult your user manual to see if this option is available on your particular model of stove.

  • Yes, all pellet stoves require a 80mm chimney vented to the outside air. if you have an existing chimney from a log burner, then in most cases this can be utilised or sleeved with a liner. If in doubt contact us and well arrange for a no obligation site survey to confirm.